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Today I had a viewer (guest) make a pretty snide comment about one of the models I recently shot and I feel like I need to speak on this matter.  In the event that you feel the need to make a comment about some one on my site and it is not in good taste, please understand your comment will just be deleted. If your tastes are not the same as others i.e. piercings, tattoos, clothing or any other nit picking one may like to have, just keep your comments to yourself. Now on the other hand, should you be commenting about the composition of the photo, the background, the location, style, color, feel free to comment away because that is an artistic critique towards me, the photographer. I will gladly take any criticism, from anyone, because I will continue to grow in my life long learning of the art of photography. So ladies and gents put your claws away and please keep your personal bad comments to yourself about the people I feature on my websites, unless they are positive in some sort of way.

Classically trained photographer in both film and digital era's. Began in High school with sketch art and art appreciation and later in 1993 in film photography. I have served 25 years in the United States Marine Corps and used photography as a hobby. Began my leap with digital SLR camera's in 2004. Fell in love the new options of development and post production. I am always looking for fresh new faces and interaction with Models of all types, genre, and capabilities. Primarily work in portrait realm of photography due to my love for people and the interactions I get to have building friendships and long term relationships with families and models. I love when people bring excitement and creativity to the shoot. It is always fun when 2 creatives can collaborate and create something beautiful! I am always learning, studying and developing my skills in photography. Please join me on this adventure and enjoy the fruits of my labors through review my portfolio and purchase of photographs.

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