The Other half of life

How does this relate to any of my photography and why am I writing this today? There is a special woman that entered my life 12 years ago and we will have been married 12 years on 31 March this year. This special lady came into my life and has been my inspiration to go after my life’s dreams. I serve in the United States Marine Corps and have been doing so since 1991. I have gone around the world. Seen many places and many things that have shaped my visions and my nightmares at night. She has grounded me and helped me through those things. This woman has given me two wonderful children that are also blessings. Two additional sources of inspiration. The passion I have for art has never been hindered but instead fostered, fed, and even shaped by her for many years now. I have never told her just these things. Her love and devotion to me are unwavering strength to hold on to in those times that life seems to have no real meaning. When the day to day seems to become just another time for the sun to rise and set. She alone can spark a smile, say a sentence, or send a single message that makes me smile and brings back the sanity in life. Change is always been welcomed by me. Constant change as if to be running away from life itself in order to never have to look at what I have not accomplished versus what I have. The one constant is her. The one inspiration, the muse that makes the colors shine through the faded black and white grey scales of day to day living without purpose. She gave this man a purpose. She fed my desires to be something great. In this I sometimes forgot to look back to her and tell her thank you. Look back and reach my hand to her to say lets take the next step to her journey in life. I forgot that I was to be her muse. We are after all yin and yang. Opposites that continued to spin the circle of life together. The balance of scales for one another. Intricate weaving of life’s little patterns, as we moved along the past twelve years, seem to have nothing but a one sided pattern. Of course till you turn over the blanket, and there you can see truly, there she was, holding together my strings. That time is nearly over though and we will be done with a life that we have no control over, but to follow it to it’s next step. Soon like the phoenix from the ashes of life, we will both fly once again, into new heights, new realms. Spreading our wings together we can finally interweave our patterns like bursting flares from the fireworks in the sky on a mid-summer nights day we will leave our mark in the sky. Thank you my love for all you have done for me and I can only hope that I have given to you all you have done for me. 

Classically trained photographer in both film and digital era's. Began in High school with sketch art and art appreciation and later in 1993 in film photography. I have served 25 years in the United States Marine Corps and used photography as a hobby. Began my leap with digital SLR camera's in 2004. Fell in love the new options of development and post production. I am always looking for fresh new faces and interaction with Models of all types, genre, and capabilities. Primarily work in portrait realm of photography due to my love for people and the interactions I get to have building friendships and long term relationships with families and models. I love when people bring excitement and creativity to the shoot. It is always fun when 2 creatives can collaborate and create something beautiful! I am always learning, studying and developing my skills in photography. Please join me on this adventure and enjoy the fruits of my labors through review my portfolio and purchase of photographs.

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