Through my journey to becoming a photographer I have found such great people and friends that are always willing to lend a helping hand, to those people, I would just like to say, thank you. I appreciate the help and support you all have given me over the years. Through many years of study and practice I have developed an artistic side of life that continues to grow. Given a pencil and a pad of paper to keep me busy, when my parents were going through college, I took advantage of my time to develop and learn to draw. Drawing developed my ability to see and to create angles. I continued drawing through the years. Drawing continues to be my go to relaxation hobby.

I purchased my first camera in Okinawa Japan from a friend that needed some extra cash for Christmas. A fully manual Nikon F1 35mm with a 200 mm lens and a 50 mm lens was what began my journey into photography. While not school trained (at the time) I burned through film through trial and error of settings, fumbling with combinations of settings to find out I ruined yet another roll of film. Then things began to “click” one at a time pictures were starting to get better and settings were beginning to make sense. I still did not understand the how or why it all worked just knew that when given a certain light or situation I would put a setting that worked for the last time I shot that same type of shot.

In 1995 I enrolled into the New York Institute of Photography Professional level course.  I went back to sketching and exploring my art skills again. Finally in 2007 I purchased my first DSLR a Nikon D40X. Entry level as it was, it was just the thing I needed to spark my passion again for photography. I again enrolled into the New York Institute of Photography Professional course in 2010. 2011 I purchased a Nikon D7000. My background in film and manual settings greatly excelled me in my knowledge and understanding of how the camera works and how the different setting interact.

From medium format to full frame models of cameras I have advanced my knowledge and expertise to higher and higher levels. Studio lighting, small flash, reflectors, modifiers of every kind just keep coming into my hands to play bend and learn how light truly works to change an entire setting. I will never stop learning. Life’s journey is all about the travel and rarely once the destination is achieved is it over. New destinations and new adventures are around the corner to capture, to concur, and to seek out.

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