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As life changes one should always take the time to reflect upon the past and to the future. With each loss we gain strength in character too. With each new beginning we can reflect upon our past to guide us into the future. Love loss, death and friends gone let us remember the happy times and rejoice in life.  


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A day at the Beach


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A great lady making it happen!

Shooting in the town of Wilmington this week so be ready for some fun stuff next week.

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Back in the saddle. 

It’s been a while since my last post and it is time for me to get off my butt and start putting work back up to share. Here you go! Hope you enjoy the new phot sets and keep a look out for new post Wednesday of each week.


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Bouncing Off the Walls: Lighting, Glare, and Shadows When Photographing Interiors

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Today’s guest post is part 3 of a series of tutorials on how to light reflective subjects and surfaces from BorrowLenses.com. Alex Huff is a staff photographer and copywriter for BorrowLenses and has photographed for Sotheby’s, Google, X-Games, and more. In this post, she gives an effective tip you should practice over and over again to avoid glare and control shadows when photographing rooms.

All example images were lit and shot using the following:

All diagrams made with LightingDiagrams.com

Photographing the inside of a room is tricky because there are a lot of reflective surfaces and lots of little objects everywhere to create shadows. Rooms are usually too dark to depend on natural light alone so I am going to show you one major trick that will build your confidence while shooting flash indoors, whether you hope to…

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